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When I was younger, I wanted to be an architect.  I constantly drafted houses and floorplans of my dream house.  I sketched the landscape, detailed the window trims, accented the gables.  But as I grew older, I realized that my dream house was the one I grew up in.  Even though it was a simple house, it was there where my dreams were made.  In that same regard, your house is your dream house.  Why not make an investment in artwork that depicts those dreams in black and white. 

Each piece of artwork in ink, is completely free-hand.  I work from photos that I can take or you that you provide.  Contact me today so we can discuss how we can make artwork of your house, for your home!

Prices range, depending on size and detail:

8 x 10, unframed:                           $400-650

11 x 14, unframed:                         $600-950

16 x 20, and 18 x 24 unframed:     $950 and up


What you get:


  • The original artwork, unframed on thick Bristol board

  • A digital copy, to be used for greeting cards, smaller frames, and other print formats


You will also receive my very best work.  This is your piece of artwork, and I want it to look and feel exactly the way you want it!

Thank you again for stopping by.  I hope to hear from you soon!​

Let’s Work Together

Hilliard, OH

Tel: 614-975-4761

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