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Photography Tips

In some cases, I may not be able to get to the property that you want me to draw.  So I devised this page to help you, help me!

First, you will want to choose the main shot that you would like me to work from, to make the portrait.


The next step is taking close up pictures of details of the house that I may not be able to see in the main picture.  It is not uncommon for me to work from 10 or more pictures to make sure that the artwork is accurate to the subject.


Below, I have made an example of how I take pictures of a house I am going to draw.  Note the areas that have detail that may not be show up in the desired subject photo.  I used a zoom lens to get these close up shots.  If you do not have a zoom, you can just get closer to the house and take pictures that way.  I will be able to decipher the detail that way as well.


Don't be afraid to take too many photos!  The more, the better.  I want to make sure that I don't miss anything important.

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